FS 230 Scappare

The motorboat, the legend.

The FS 230 Scappare is pioneering and innovative. Its hull is carefully balanced for a high-speed riding in sheltered waters, as well as comfortable and safe in coastal waters. The forward-leaning fiberglass tower is part of FS Yachts identity and it grants this watercraft the appearance of a larger-sized motorboat, in addition to enlarging the shaded area on the deck when the Bimini canopy is open. The Platinum painting of the FS 230 Scappare draws people’s attention wherever it goes and makes it one of the most beautiful motorboats ever made in the world.
The FS 230 Scappare has been the first boat of its category to feature a closed bathroom inside the cabin, valuing the functional space of the cabin but also the privacy of your family by offering them a bathroom with toilet, washbasin w/ tap, trash can, shower, and window as standard items.

Over 1,000 FS 230 navigating

The FS 230 is part of a select group of boats in the world, with over 1,000 units produced and navigating through Brazilian and international waters.
Part of this great success is a result of being the first boat of its category to navigate with a sterndrive engine, introducing the concept of small sterndrive engines in Brazil, which provides a larger usable area in the boat and a high-tech engine.
Its huge acceptance is the outcome of a well-designed, safe, comfortable, and attractive boat, whose riding and handling are great. Such a range of advantages makes the FS 230 Scappare one of the most desired motorboats in Brazil.

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Fotos Externas

Pictures are merely illustrative, and may contain optional accessories not included in standard items.


FS 230 Scappare

Technical specifications


Engine type: Sterndrive
Minimum power: 170 HP
Maximum power: 250 HP
Fuel: Gasoline or Diesel
Average fuel consumption at cruising speed: 16 to 28 liters per hour


Length: 7.10 m
Maximum beam/breadth: 2.50 m
Height, on the trailer (tower included): 3.00 m
Draft: 0.60 m
Hull weight, with no engine: 900 kg
Ceiling height, inside cabin and bathroom: 1.30 m


Fuel tank capacity: 150 Liters
Freshwater tank capacity: 60 Liters
Passengers, daytime: 1 crewman + 9 passengers
Passengers, overnight: 2 persons

Estimated fuel consumption of the FS 230 Scappare with the most cost-effective engine MerCruiser 4.3 L, 220 HP (consider that the ideal cruise speed is within 2,500 – 3,500 RPM):

Serial Items

Hull & Deck

Air inlet to the engine compartment
Pilot dashboard
Copilot console with glove box
Lockers under the cockpit seats
Anchor stowage at the bow
Aluminum and tempered glass windshield
Swim platform integrated to the deck
Cup holders (7)
Engine room with heat and sound insulation
Hull with Step-Vee performance system

Hydraulic & Electrical

External refueling
Shower at the stern
Light switches on the dashboard
Top light (1)
Courtesy lights in the cockpit (5)
Side navigation lights (2)
Electrical panel and 12-V wiring harness
60-liter freshwater tank
150-liter fuel tank

Bar in the cockpit

Acrylic glass cabinet
PU-coated refrigerator w/ a cup-holder lid
Acrylic washbasin w/ a stainless steel 3/4-turn tap


Stainless steel anchor roller w/ stainless steel cleat
Stainless steel external cleats (4)
Stainless steel 3-step stern ladder
Stainless steel foredeck guardrail
U-Bolts (3)
Anodized aluminum rub rail

Upholstery – Leather-like vinyl w/ mildew protection

Swivel copilot seat
Swivel, folding pilot seat
Mattress on the cabin bed
4-seat sofa at the stern
Aft sundeck

Cabin & Head

Side cabinet w/ drawers and space for MP3 audio device
Ceiling hatch, w/ opening
Stainless steel side porthole, w/ opening
Closed bathroom w/ woodwork walls
Hygienic hand-held shower
Acrylic trash can
Washbasin w/ tap
Stainless steel side porthole, w/ opening, in the bathroom
Manual toilet, in the bathroom





The FS Yachts shipyard is known for their painstaking artisanal work applied to the construction process of their boats, which – combined with high technology and the development of innovative designs – has become a benchmark in the Brazilian nautical market and has been even dictating the market trends.


FS 230

The model FS 230 Scappare, for example, which was launched in 2009, is one of the highlights among the Brazilian boats in the category of small-sized motorboats; it has become the favorite of many new owners, both for the quality and performance and its first-class finish. That motorboat is the successor of the FS 220 High Class, the first Brazilian boat with a sterndrive engine, which has become a benchmark in the small-sized boat market. This model, with hull and upholstery in modern colors, with automotive paint and gelcoat, paved the way for those people who, despite having a small boat, would like to choose customized items that would personalize their motorboat according to their own profile. The FS 230 was a precursor of the models with the deck painted in black, blue, or red and the novelty became a trend in the Brazilian nautical market.



The excellent internal space with open and airy hatches and portholes, a private bathroom with a washbasin w/ tap, a hand-held hygienic shower, and a trash can, as well as other standard items, are among the distinctive features of this motorboat. The closed bathroom affected a bit the space provided for the bed, but according to the shipyard’s technical team, this design option was accepted because less than 10% of people riding an FS 230 Scappare would regard the bed space as a priority item whereas, on the other hand, the bathroom comfort would become an attractive feature.

The boat features a U-sofa in the cabin, whose upholstery is made of leather-like vinyl w/ mildew protection; several color options are available, like sand, caramel, brown, terracotta, white, and cinnamon. The FS 230’s open-bow model has been named FS 230 Sirena. In that version, a closed bathroom in front of the co-pilot is part of the infrastructure.

FS 230 are rated for ten people. They are equipped by default with a PU-covered refrigerator in the cockpit, next to the sink; a ladder for accessing the cockpit; a large aft sundeck, above the engine cover; and a good-sized swim platform, where you can install a barbecue with a wooden board.



The riding is stable on both the closed-bow model – Scappare – and the open-bow model – Sirena; they start to plane almost immediately, except when riding with the waves coming from astern; they allow short radius maneuvers and have a hull with “Step-Vee” performance system. The standard version is most commonly motorized with a 220 HP engine.

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